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press office and digital PR for LoveCrafts
The LoveCraft’s community

LoveCrafts is a global community for makers and crafters. We’ve supported it with UK and US press office and digital PR since late 2019. 

In its brief, LoveCrafts was clear about the kind of brand it is – creative, with kindness at the heart of everything it does. It needed an agency to build links to its site with on-brand messages but one that would push its boundaries a little.

From day one, our strategy has been all about link building, whatever the tactic. Our creative, digital PR efforts integrated with a strong press office function has helped us to build the LoveCrafts’ brand, its community, and the business as a whole.

Press office and digital PR – what we did:

LoveCrafts is a leading online crafts community, with millions of users worldwide. The site connects makers, while offering inspiration and a place to buy materials. 

With every one of our clients where we offer digital PR we come up with a range of story ideas for them and talk them through, before deciding what ones we’ll hit the ground running with. In early 2020, we ran a number of campaigns for LoveCrafts, including ‘Knit Your Own Meghan Markle For International Women’s Day’ and ‘The Gloomiest Parts of the UK Revealed; both delivered great results for us.

press office and digital PR support - a picture of a Meghan Markle knitted doll for International Women's Day
Knit your own Meghan Markle for International Women’s Day

Then the pandemic hit. It meant that people spent more time at home, with many using their time to be productive and try out new hobbies. As a result, LoveCrafts’ community grew. 

As every PR agency would have experienced, we had to make sure that we fully supported our clients as they were impacted by the pandemic. Although LoveCrafts saw a surge in new users, we were tasked with ensuring what the brand was communicating during the crisis was appropriate and topical. We embraced newsjacking tactics, proactive creative campaigns and key business milestones to secure links and drive traffic to the site.

The topic of mental health has been a massive part of the pandemic’s narrative. It’s often spoken about that mindful activities can help people’s wellbeing and LoveCrafts was (and still is) in an authoritative position to talk about this.

Given LoveCrafts has a community of millions of users, we shared exclusive insights with the media – like when it surveyed its members to discover that 96% had used crafting to improve their mental health in 2020 (featured here by The Metro). We also pitched out LoveCrafts’ experts to advise people about what mindful activities they can do (see here on NewsChain) and also about creating workspaces to positively impact employees (Be The Business). 

We placed features with a pandemic angle in key media, like ‘Best Things To Do During Lockdown’ (covered by Stylist) and tutorials on ‘How To Make Your Own Face Mask’ (these tutorials were picked up by the likes of MSN, AOL, ELLE and The Sun). It’s worth mentioning that we pitched face covering content early on in 2020, and resulted in some pieces – but when masks became compulsory, we repitched and got shedloads of coverage. So great, topical content can sometimes be recycled!

press office and digital PR - some of our results, like this article on the Guardian
‘Sew Bro’ George Clooney

There was a business story about the uptake in crafters and the platform’s growth, which we handled (covered by the Retail Times and The Express and Star). There’d also been a big growth of male crafters aged 25-34 and a comment by LoveCrafts’ CEO delving into this was covered by The Guardian.

But our work went beyond the pandemic. Lots of our activity over the past 15 months hasn’t just been about coronavirus.

We ran our ‘Black Change Makers’ campaign, where LoveCrafts recognised 12 prominent people of colour in the form of patterns, that people could craft at home themselves (as featured on Yahoo!).

News jacking and reactive tactics can play a big part in press office support. We had some fun when Bernie Sanders became an international meme while he sat at the US presidential inauguration wearing his face mask and mittens. We worked with LoveCrafts to offer patterns to the media where people could knit their own (outlets including The Sun picked this up). Likewise, we jumped on the popularity of the Netflix Series ‘The Crown’ and pitched out knitting patterns so people could recreate some of Princess Diana’s most popular looks.

press office and digital PR support - we pitched patterns so people could make their own Bernie Sanders' mittens
International meme Bernie: LoveCrafts offered patterns where people could knit their own version of the famous mittens!


This press office support has been married with a number of further creative digital PR campaigns too: ‘Favourite Dog Breeds Per City’ and ‘Nude Life Model Search’. 

Offering this package of tactics has made sure we’ve been able to build tons of links for LoveCrafts while helping it to authentically build its brand. We’ve reached its target audiences while achieving brand visibility in titles it wouldn’t necessarily be featured in (and reaching new audiences), with our creative ideas.

Press office and digital PR results:


  • To date we achieved 462 pieces of coverage


  • 694 links achieved – almost a third of these were follow links.
  • Average Domain Authority (DA) across all coverage: 64
  • 98 pieces of coverage with a DA of 80+
  • Majestic Trust (link quality) and Citation (link quantity) Flow. In 15 months our work contributed to an increase in LoveCrafts’ Trust Flow from 48 to 56, and Citation Flow from 41 to 61.
press office and digital PR results
We’d helped to bump up our client’s Trust and Citation Flow scores


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