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Industry peers and clients know us for our creative digital PR campaign work, where we build links to client websites from authoritative sites. And unless they’ve been living under a rock, they’ll probably know that we like to shout about it!

As much as we love our digital PR campaigns (you can see tons of case studies of them on our blog), we also love working on more traditional PR tactics too – albeit enhanced with digital PR elements!  

The bread and butter of any PR agency is a strong press office function. Press office PR is essential when it comes to creating and telling the story of any brand, product or person. It’s our job to build a compelling narrative that draws in potential buying audiences for our clients, and helps convert them into customers once they’re listening to that story. 

Press office PR helps clients build brand visibility, shape how they are perceived, and forms the bedrock of any successful communications strategy. 

And while we can offer standalone digital PR for some of our clients, and have in the past, we stand by the view that combining press office PR with digital PR is a winning formula – alongside other marketing tactics (like PPC, technical SEO, affiliate marketing etc.) – to help any business grow. 

Put it this way, digital PR can drive potential customers to the top of your sales funnel and get them on site, but it’s traditional tactics like a solid press office that convince people that a company is worth buying from. 

Here are some of our most recent examples of where we’ve combined press office PR with digital PR: 

We offer press office PR and digital PR for is a global community for crafters and we’ve supported it with UK and US PR since 2019. Our strategy for has been all about link building, using a strong press office function alongside our creative digital PR efforts. This is to help us build the’ brand, its community, and the business as a whole. To date, we’ve achieved 462 pieces of coverage and 694 links, a third of which were follow links. Read the full case study here.

We offer press office PR for Vibrant Vegan

Vibrant Vegan

Vibrant Vegan is a plant-based ready meal subscription service. As it is a food brand, it’s important that essential press office and product PR underpins all other activity. This is to ensure that the products get into the hands of the right people and are included in all of the relevant roundups, profiles, and features. For Vibrant Vegan we’ve achieved 250 pieces of coverage and 232 links so far with a combination of press office and digital PR – and you can read about our work in full here.

We offer press office PR and digital PR for 

We’d been working with, the leading website for childcare providers in the UK, for three years when the pandemic hit. Given the subsequent lockdowns’ impact on childcare and schooling, we pivoted to a straight crisis press office strategy. We used’s 2m+ members to gather insight, alongside comments and creative campaigns, to position it as an authoritative and leading voice on parenting (and childcare) in a pandemic. This work throughout the coronavirus crisis led to 500+ pieces of coverage and 490 links on top of what we had already achieved through digital PR efforts. You can read more here


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