Media Relations: Launching the first ever All Party Parliamentary Group on Political Literacy with Shout Out UK

We’re pleased to have worked with Shout Out UK (SOUK), the political and media literacy platform, for a few years now. We recently helped with public affairs PR when we supported it with the launch of the first ever APPG (All Party Parliamentary Group) on Political Literacy. 

What we did:

Shout Out UK surveyed students and found that 70% would welcome the creation of a Government and Politics GCSE. This data was the main catalyst behind Shout Out UK working in partnership to create the first APPG on Political Literacy.

The group will focus discussions between young people, teachers, civil society organisations and parliamentarians from both sides around introducing politics into the National Curriculum. Its main goal is to make politics more accessible, and understandable, for all.

Shout Out UK needed our help with public affairs PR. We gave press office support to announce the launch of the new group, at a time during a global crisis, when understanding politics is more important than ever.

We used the survey findings, along with data that found that people are concerned about false or misleading information about coronavirus from the UK Government, to demonstrate the urgent need for better political literacy in our launch story.

We went out to all of our trusted contacts with the announcement and it led to some great results. We enjoy working on public affairs PR campaigns, especially ones with such timely and important goals.


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