The Power of an Ambassador: Darren Gough’s Winning Partnership with Gigaclear

For the past month, we’ve been teamed up with Gigaclear, the champions of rural broadband in the UK, on a mission that’s close to our hearts – launching their Rural Sports Club Fund. 

Gigaclear is more than just a broadband provider; they’re the backbone of rural connectivity and big supporters of the communities they serve. Their latest endeavour? The Rural Sports Club Fund, a hefty £75,000 fund designed to boost grassroots sports clubs across rural England. 

And who better to join this sporting crusade than cricket legend and past Strictly star, Darren Gough? When Gigaclear reached out to us, they had the vision and the ambassador but needed that extra oomph in getting the word out. That’s where we came in.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working hard to spotlight what could be a transformative fund for many rural sports clubs and are proud to say it’s been a great success.

If this campaign demonstrates anything it’s the power of a good ambassador. Gigaclear’s strategic move hiring the bowling legend played a crucial part in knocking coverage out the boundary and one which ultimately determined the success of this campaign.

The Power of Choosing Darren Gough

What Gigaclear did exceptionally well was bringing Darren Gough on board. His connection with sports, combined with his rural upbringing, made him an ideal figure to represent this initiative. Darren wasn’t just a cricket star; he was a symbol of rural sporting spirit and determination.

Maximising Media Engagement

With Darren already on board, we focused on maximising his presence in the media. His interviews, decked in Gigaclear-branded gear, were not just about visibility but also about bringing authenticity and a personal touch to the campaign. Darren’s stories and insights added a layer of relatability that resonated well with the audience and the media. 

When bringing on an ambassador make sure to discuss interview time and availability when it comes to speaking with the press. If you’ve got an ambassador onboard make sure they are happy to provide the promotional efforts you are looking for. Don’t waste thousands on a face if they aren’t willing to return the favour of shouting about you. 

Visual Impact

Ahead of the launch, Gigaclear capitalised on Darren’s image by creating engaging visual content to share with the media and on social media. Using this to our advantage, these images ensured that each article highlighted Gigaclear and the campaign, despite the angle the press chose to focus their articles and interviews on. 

Striking the Right Balance

Our challenge was to ensure the campaign spotlighted the Rural Sports Fund, with Darren’s role to amplify the campaign, not overshadow it. The key to this was crafting our messaging to highlight Gigaclear’s commitment to rural communities, intertwining Darren’s experiences and background, with the broader impact of the Rural Sports Fund.


The Outcome: A Resounding Success

The campaign turned out to be a massive hit. The strategic choice of Darren as the ambassador, combined with our PR efforts, led to significant media coverage and an enthusiastic response from rural sports clubs. Gigaclear’s dedication to rural communities was celebrated, and the impact of the Rural Sports Fund was widely recognized.

But ultimately Darren Gough’s involvement added that sparkle of excitement, making the campaign relatable and engaging.

Media Results:

Multiple pieces of national coverage, regional – and rural! – press results and coverage across fundraising titles helped to make noise about the campaign at a busy time in the media in the build-up to Christmas.

It resulted in a huge spike in applications for the fund from clubs all over the country – which, after all, is what it was all about!

Final Thoughts & Campaign Takeaways

This campaign serves as a prime example of how choosing the right ambassador can elevate a PR campaign. Gigaclear’s decision to collaborate with Darren Gough was a strategic masterstroke. It underscored the importance of aligning an ambassador’s profile with the campaign’s core objectives. 

Our role at Radioactive PR was to harness this synergy and create a campaign that not only gained coverage but also struck a chord with its target audience. 

So, what’s the takeaway? Find an ambassador who aligns with your campaign’s soul, and let their story intertwine with yours. And hey, having a bit of fun along the way doesn’t hurt either!


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