Digital PR US: ‘Best UFO-Spotting Locations for Homebuyers’ for

Our client,, is a US-based real estate website that allows people to sell their homes in a more affordable way than working with a traditional realtor. Our ‘out of this world’ creative idea for earned some great US digital PR results.

What we did to get brilliant US digital PR results:

For, we use our creativity to help earn links from high-ranking news sites to its site. Our digital PR service is to support our client’s own SEO efforts.

In our creative idea session for, we wanted to come up with an idea that would lend itself to our client being able to talk about average house prices in each state, something it is definitely an authority on, but with a twist. 

With 2020 proving to be a big year for conspiracy theories alongside more declassified military documents about UFO sightings, we created a list of the top locations for UFO enthusiasts to buy a home based on the National UFO Reporting Center’s data. 

US Digital PR results - case study

The full list was hosted on’s website, with average house prices for that area, alongside an interactive map.

We packaged the story up with research that found that 52% of Americans say that they believe in extraterrestrial life and that over half believe that the US Government is hiding evidence that they exist. We went out to our targets and got some fantastic US digital PR results.   

Our US digital PR results:

US Digital PR results


  • 48 pieces of coverage including on sites with a high Domain Authority, such as MSN (DA 95), Yahoo! (95) and Fox News (94)


  • 87 links achieved from the coverage
  • 26 pieces of coverage had a DA of 86+
  • Average DA across all coverage: 68


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