Creative / Stunts

"Radioactive really helped us to think differently - with their support, we reached our target audiences in a fun and memorable way."

Allie Parkes-Norris

External Communications Manager @ Unite Students

When it comes to getting all eyes on you and your brand, nothing hits quite like strong creative PR or a daring stunt. At Radioactive, we pride ourselves on our creative thinking – it’s at our core, after all – and have delivered stories and stunts over the years for all levels of budget.

However, as with all the work we do, we don’t just make a big splash for the sake of it. Stunts and creative work can and should be just as measurable as other tactics, especially when combined.

Creative stunts can measurably:

  • Capture the attention of local, national, and global media
  • Earn editorial backlinks to your site
  • Drive high value behaviours like email sign-ups, social media followers and engagement, and other CTAs important to your business
  • Produce content that can be used across paid social, affiliate and influencer marketing, and internal channels to ensure your stunt works hard long past launch day

Keen to find out how a creative stunt can pack a punch for your brand? Let's talk!

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