Crisis Comms Management

"When we first started to work together, the Radioactive team created a crisis manual, full of potential scenarios and responses. When one of those scenarios reared its ugly head, we were prepared, the messaging was perfect and we were able to quickly share information with the media before any real damage was done."


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Is your business crisis ready? Don’t wait for shit to hit the fan before you find out! From crisis planning, media training, and simulations, to digital and on-the-ground support during live crises, we can cover all your bases.

Our experienced crisis comms specialists can measurably:

  • Create a robust crisis manual that covers all areas of your business
  • Advise senior leadership teams during key decision making
  • Mitigate and manage negative sentiment during a crisis
  • Handle all media enquiries
  • Support internal comms messaging during a crisis
  • Utilise paid social and influencer marketing channels if appropriate

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