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"Working with Radioactive on brand content partnerships so far has been an absolute joy. The team is efficient, quick, and always positive, and nothing ever feels like too much trouble. I know I can pick up the phone for any reason and they’ll have time for me."

Mark Hanretty

Dancing on Ice star

Influencer marketing often gets a bad rap. Which is odd, as it’s one of our strongest performing routes to brand audiences from a pure financial perspective.

We work with household name brands, utility companies and quickly-scaling startups to find the right influencers to reach their target customers, with an eye on ensuring we’re ticking all the right compliance boxes.

On the other side of our influencer marketing work, we have a growing roster of influencers whose brand deals we manage, giving us even better access to insights and a relationship where we all really do win together.

Our full service approach includes campaign planning, outreach, influencer management, creative, measurement, optimisation and reporting.

It all starts, as everything at Radioactive does, with data. We mean that in the truest, non-fluffy, take-this-to-your-financial-director sense. What engagement rates are we talking? How many click-throughs do potential influencer’s swipe-ups have? How have our previous campaigns in similar industries performed?

We then work with chosen influencers to define and refine content that works. Leads, sales, app downloads, form-fills, charity donations – if we can put a figure to it, we’re measuring it.

With influencer marketing we can, measurably:

  • Drive a tracked response 
  • Measure cost per leads/acquisition/downloads and more  
  • Reach a targeted audience with relevant, trusted and approved content
  • Re-target consumers that show interest

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