Media Relations

"Honestly, are you slipping drugs to your employees to get them to produce these results? The Mail, Mirror and now the Express in less than 2 days. I want what you guys are smoking!"

Ben Corrigan

Co-founder @ Pouch

Effective media relations should form the backbone of every good communications strategy. Our strong press connections and unmatched storytelling skills mean we can inform, educate, and entertain the audiences you need to reach.

With media relations, especially when combined with digital PR, we can measurably:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build consumer trust
  • Drive site traffic
  • Increase remarketing opportunities
  • Generate content for paid social and other owned channels
  • Add to your email database
  • Add to your sales funnel (and demonstrate traffic conversion)

Looking for media relations that increases brand awareness and consumer trust for your business?

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