Paid Social

Paid social can mean helping to create content for your own channels and advising as to how to best reach customers, giving you the benefit of more than ten years of experience.

It can also mean – and more often than not does for us – making the most of your influencer marketing spend with an integrated paid social strategy.

Long after your initial influencer campaign has ended, you can continue to make the most of the credibility of the influencers we’ve worked with, by ensuring potential target customers see that content.

With paid social, we can creatively and measurably:

  • Create content to be used in promoted and ad spots across key social media channels
  • Drive a tracked response
  • Measure cost per leads/acquisition/downloads and more
  • Reach a targeted audience with relevant, trusted and approved content
  • Lean on the credibility of the influencers we’ve worked with to ensure their content lives beyond the initial point of posting
  • Re-target consumers that showed interest

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