“I want what you guys are smoking” – happy clients make for a happy PR agency

At the weekend, I received this message (as mentioned a few times before, we use WhatsApp for PR agency clients and even for startup businesses that aren’t clients, in the form of our daily Radioactive Roundup):

PR agency results

The message is from one of the co-founders of new client Pouch – a startup aiming to ‘make voucher code websites extinct.’ We started working with them last week.

In short, after installing Pouch (a 2 step process), anytime you’re on a website for which there is a valid, in-date voucher code, Pouch will pop up in the corner to tell you. You don’t have to use it, but Christ it’s handy. And they have some amazing things in the pipeline, too.

As somebody that knows the discount space very well, having spent 5 years PRing the UK’s leading voucher codes website, I absolutely believe that they can and will make voucher code sites obsolete. Pouch is the obvious evolution given how frustrating it can be to think you’ve found a discount, only to find out it’s out-of-date, or JUST. WON’T. WORK.

Anywho, here are the big national pieces (on the Mail Online, Daily Express and Mirror – all with links) the team pulled out of the bag in just a couple of days. The client is very happy, saying that the ‘daily increase [in downloads] is massive!’.

Loads more to come, but I couldn’t NOT share such glowing early praise. The team work hard, but most importantly, they work smartly and really do get great results.