A happy team doing great work with happy clients

Culture is a set of values and behaviours in a group of people. Values can quickly turn into buzzwords that can get forgotten. At Radioactive we’re interested in how we live our values, which means we’re all about the behaviours.

This is the first time we’ve formalised the culture at Radioactive. Up to this point we’ve grown as a result of hiring well, treating staff as the adults they are, and recognising that people’s strengths lie in their differences. These are things we still commit to, however it’s important to formalise what Radioactive is as a business, and what makes a Radioactive person.

What do we expect from a Radioactive team member? 

  • You’ll be exceptional at your job and passionate about your career progression
  • You embody the company values and behaviours identified below
  • You contribute to us hitting our company goals – we win together!

The Radioactive Culture Code


  • We don’t settle – for ourselves, the business, or our clients
  • We celebrate success while also asking ‘what’s next?’ through clear business objectives
  • We don’t hire people for them to stand still – we own our career progression
  • We know talent comes in different forms and actively work to remove barriers to our industry


  • We are passionately devoted to the work we do
  • We see problems as opportunities
  • We actively challenge and work to avoid a ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ mentality
  • We know there’s no such thing as a bad idea


  • We give a shit – about our colleagues, the work we do, and our clients – and don’t abuse the trust placed in us
  • We welcome feedback at all levels, delivered quickly, respectfully and without judgement, and own our mistakes
  • We win together, we lose together, and we work for AND with each other – nothing at Radioactive is someone else’s’ problem
  • We actively work to give back to, and be part of, our community

Fancy thriving at Radioactive? Keep an eye on our careers page for live vacancies or get in touch about work experience, paid internships or just to say hello on joinus@weareradioactive.com!